Jimmy Woo was a father figure to Sam and personally mentored Sam to be an
instructor of Jimmy’s fighting art. Jimmy did so because he recognized Sam’s unique
dedication, exceptional skill and desire to teach the art in the same pure manner as Jimmy did.
Retired from a career in law enforcement Sam worked some of the worst crime and
gang infested areas of Los Angeles. That practical, real life experience to violent
behavior provided him a unique understanding in criminal conduct and the nuances of sudden and unexpected street violence. 

 Sam has a vast teaching experience in law enforcement and other related subject
matter on the local, State and Federal levels.  He has also traveled and lectured throughout the United States.
With 50 years devoted to San Soo, extraordinary real life street experience, exceptional
teaching skills and Jimmy’s mentoring; Sam’s unique skill set as an instructor is second to none. 

Jimmy’s Widow; Bernice Chin-Woo honored Sam by saying

 "You have one of the best instructors in the art today... he has only your best interest at heart... I want to thank all
of you and your instructor for helping make Grand Master Woo's dream come true in
keeping the true art of San Soo alive for the future.